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Uniform and Dress Code
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Saint Philip Neri School takes pride in its tradition of excellence.   This tradition should be evident to those who come in contact with representatives of the school and the best representatives of any school are its students.  Therefore, certain basic regulations exist for proper dress and grooming.  These regulations are in the interest of creating an atmosphere conducive to learning and in demonstrating pride in our school.


Uniform Regulations (General)

Students are expected to be in FULL UNIFORM at all times, unless "Special Dress" is specified.  (see "Special Dress Code").  Only uniforms from  Classic Designs Company may be worn, specifically pants, shorts, skirts, blouses, and polo shirts (available in colors blue, gray, green, and white).  In addition, the following regulations apply to all students:


1.  All shirts and blouses, with the exception of the middy blouse, are to be tucked into the pants or skirt at all times.  Sweaters are not to be tied around the waist or worn draped over the neck.

2.  Pants are to be properly fitted at the waist and length.  Baggy and oversized pants, as well as form-fitting tight pants are not to be worn. Belts must be worn with uniform pants (boys & girls). Belts should be a uniform belt or a plain black or brown belt with a plain buckle.

3.  When the weather warrants warmer clothing, the first choice for outerwear is the uniform sweatshirt or sweater.  Jackets may be worn over the sweatshirt or sweater, as long as they are a solid color (no sports teams, collegiate logos, brand names that stand out, etc.– final judgment rests with the Administration), but do not replace the use of the uniform sweatshirt or sweater.  No other types of sweatshirts and/or sweaters are allowed with the exception of the 8th grade class sweatshirts and a special rule in regard to the green "SPN Spartan Athletics" sweatshirts (see appropriate section which appears later). Long sleeves polo shirt and turtlenecks with the school logo are available for purchase through Classic Designs.  


Note:  White, gray, green or navy blue long sleeves or turtlenecks without the school logo, that match the color of the (short sleeve) polo shirt, may be worn under the uniform polo.


4.  Girl's hair is to be kept in a neat and conventional style, combed back and out of the face at all times.  Boys hair cut should be above the eyes, above the ears, and above the collar. No coloring  or designs of any type are allowed to be part of any haircut.  (Note: The administration will determine the appropriateness of any haircut, color or style, as well as, the consequences for non-compliance).

5.  Makeup is not allowed; only clear nail polish may be worn; only one pair of post earrings may be worn; Necklaces and bracelets are not allowed; though appropriate religious jewelry is  acceptable- one necklace. Only one ring on each hand is allowed.


Uniform Specifications

The following specifications apply to all students (boys and girls) in grades TK-8th unless otherwise noted as a specific option to one or more individual groups.  In addition, unless otherwise noted, only "Classic Designs" brand/style clothing (the school's exclusive uniform supplier) is allowed.  [**key codes… B: = boys / G: = girls]



• Navy blue pleated twill slacks (elastic back option avail.) w/ belt



• Navy blue pleated twill walking shorts (elastic back option avail.)


Jumpers & Skirts:

G: Scoop neck crop waist with three box pleats (Gr. TK-4)

G: "A-line" skirt either with two box pleats or knife pleats (Gr. 5-8)

        -hem line to be no more than 3 inches above the knee


Shirt Options:

• Official school polo shirt with school logo           

      - in white, gray or navy blue

B: White broadcloth dress shirt, short sleeve (any brand)

G: White pinfeather middy blouse with the following options:

      - white "Peter Pan" collar blouse, short sleeve (TK-4th)

      - white "Peter Pan" over blouse, short sleeve (5th-8th)


Sweater Options:

Official school sweatshirt with school logo

Navy blue "V-neck" cardigan or pullover sweater



• Solid white, navy blue, or black socks (no logos).  All socks must be above the ankle.  They must be three-quarter length, crew length, or knee-high length.

G: tights, in solid white, navy blue, or black (during the winter season).  Leggings are not allowed to be worn under skirts or jumpers.



• Tennis shoes or soft-soled shoes (sandals are not allowed) in…

    -solid white, black, navy blue, or brown (no accent colors/logos)


Note:  Shoes must be solid black, solid white, solid navy blue, or solid brown.  They can be laced or Velcro, and laces must match the color of the shoe.  Sport shoes are recommended as they allow children to play and run freely.  The name brand is irrelevant; the shoes must be the appropriate solid color.  Dress shoes are acceptable, though they must be solid color, closed toe, and have a strap or laces.  No slip-ons.  Girl’s shoes may not have raised heels.


Uniform Compliance

Neatness, cleanliness, and strict adherence to uniform regulations are required by all students and expected by the school. Parents will be notified regarding violation of the uniform policy Repeated violation will result in loss of "free dress" opportunities.  Parents may be asked to bring proper clothing to school should their child not be in compliance.


Special Dress Code

As previously stated, students are expected to be in full uniform unless special dress is specified.  Certain "Activity Days," (such as "Spirit Week" or "Pride Day") as determined by the school, will allow for students to dress more casually than the uniform policy.  It is expected that students will dress in an appropriate manner for school on these special days.


There are different types of special dress that depending upon the reason for the special dress day. Please adhere to the following:


1. Mass Days – Our students attend weekly Mass with their class and/or monthly Mass with the entire school community.  On Mass days, student must wear their full uniform, including uniform sweater or sweatshirt (no shorts).  On warm days, students may take their sweaters or sweatshirts off once inside the church.

2.  "Nice Free Dress"- this refers to an event where "Sunday clothes" would be the expectation, i.e. the evening concert events.  The length of skirts and dresses must be no more than one inch above the knee.  Blue jeans are not to be worn.  Exception will be made for dress shoes.  Girls may wear dressy sandals with low heels for Christmas and Spring Concerts.  Flip-flops are not acceptable.  High-heels are not permitted for safety reasons. Uniform shoes are always acceptable, however, boys may wear leather dress shoes, if they choose.

3. "Free Dress" - free dress is allowed at school for monthly birthdays (on designated dates), rewards, or Spirit days.  Students may wear long pants (clean, tear-free jeans or slacks), walking shorts or uniform shorts; dresses or skirts (length must be no more than two inches above the knee).  Sweatpants, leggings or yoga pants may not be worn.Basketball shorts may only be worn on theme-related school events, or unless specified and/or approved by the teacher and/or school principal. No tank tops, spaghetti straps, bare midriffs or halter tops are allowed. Tops must be able to be tucked in. Hats may be worn, but not indoors or during morning assembly.  For safety reasons, shoes should be closed-toed and must be appropriate for PE class.  Boots may be worn, provided, students bring athletic shoes for PE.


Note:  During individual class field trips, the teacher may deem it necessary for the class to wear specific attire due to the nature of the field trip (i.e., a hike in the park or viewing a performance of a play).  All criteria above still apply when choosing apparel for the field trip.


The school reserves the right to send home any student who appears in attire inappropriate for school, or to request that appropriate attire be brought to school immediately.  Determination as to appropriateness of dress rests with the Administration.


"SPN Spartans Athletics" Sweatshirts


While the green "SPN Spartans Athletics" sweatshirts given to students participating in sports (and also made available to non-participants) are a way to show pride in our school, these special sweatshirts are NOT part of the school uniform and cannot be worn in place of the official school uniform sweatshirt with school logo, nor can they be worn as part of the school uniform. The Spartans sweatshirt may can be worn every Friday or on Spartan Pride days, Spirit Week, or any designated Free Dress days.